1. How do I start playing?

ATTENTION! You'll need Internet access to play the game.

  • Click the link on the home page, download the game and install it on your computer.
  • Start the game and register. Specify your email address, password and character parameters, including sex, appearance and nickname.
  • You'll have a 72-hour trial period that will start after you log in for the first time.
  • You can pay the subscription fee at any time during the trial period.
2. Payment

To continue playing after the end of your trial period or prepaid period, you must deposit the subscription fee to your account:

  • Enter your email address and password on the main page of the game's website
  • Select "Payments" in the personal information section
  • Follow the payment instructions.
3. Log in problems

I forgot my password. What should I do?

  • To request your password, visit this link or click the "Forgot password" button in the game. We'll send your password to the email address you provided during registration.
  • f you keep getting an invalid password message, make sure you're entering the correct email address and password.
  • If the problem persists, contact the support department

ATTENTION: If you don't received an email with your password, your mail server or client might be blocking the message, so check your active email filters.

If you see "Server error. Please try again." each time you try to connect to the game server:

  • Check your Internet connection and then try to sign in again
  • If the problem persists, contact the support department

If you see "You are not connected to the Dream Farm server." when trying to connect to the game server:

  • Check your Internet connection and then try to sign in again
  • If the problem persists, contact the support department
4. What options are available in my account menu?
  • Create, edit and delete characters (available to users with a positive account balance)
  • Sign in using any character
  • Change your password
  • Make monthly subscription payments


1. How do I earn stars?

How do I earn stars? You'll generally earn several stars upon completing a level.
However, you can earn more stars by completing orders available on the market. Orders are made by characters with a "?" (question mark) icon attached to them. When you click this icon, you'll see a detailed order description containing the following information:

  • The kind of product the client needs and how many.
  • The desired delivery time.
  • The price per unit the client is willing to pay and the completion bonus (paid in stars).
  • The number of players that have signed up to complete the order.

You can instantly complete the order by clicking this icon If you have the required amount of this product in the warehouse, you'll see a "!" (exclamation mark) icon next to the client. You can instantly complete the order by clicking this icon.

Wealthy clients will give you a better price for completing an order, but you'll have less time to fill it.

2. Why can't I enter the city and other players can?

To gain access to the city, you must have a level 6 or higher character.

3. The results of some of my actions are gone! Am I doing something wrong? For instance, I harvested my crops, but they still appeared in my field, as if I hadn't done anything.

This problem might occur when you're using a proxy server, a mobile (GPRS) connection or another slow Internet connection to play Dream Farm.

Connection indicator
To determine the quality of your connection, look at the connection indicator at the top of your screen. If the indicator only has red bars, check your Internet connection.

4. Why do I need luxury?

Luxury allows you to win influence in your town faster.

5. What's new in game's version 2.х?
  • The game features seven new production buildings: a beehive, a caramel factory, an ice cream freezer, an alcohol factory, a rose press, a perfume factory and a juicer.
  • You can now make seven common goods (produced by new buildings) and 20 professional goods.
  • Improve your means of transportation to gain access to higher-level markets with higher-priced goods and more exciting and profitable orders.
  • Don't forget about fixing your tools. If a tool is worn out, you can fix it using the new tool purchase interface.
6. Does the monthly subscription fee cover just one character or all the characters registered under a single account? How many characters can be registered under one account? How many characters can I play as at a time?
  • The subscription fee is account-based (covers every character created within an account).
  • You can create up to five characters per account.
  • You can play as one character from one account at a time.
7. Can I visit other towns created by users? Can I visit other markets?
  • Use your map to travel to any town.
  • You can visit any other market, but you can't sell your goods there. All you can do is chat and buy goods from other players.
  • You must pay an entrance fee to be allowed to visit markets in other towns. The price of the fee depends on the level of the markets, the upgrade level of the player's booth and the taxes imposed by the mayor of the towns.
8. How do I use shops? What's the difference between a shop and a regular market?
  • You can use a shop to put common goods, guild goods or super goods on sale or buy them from other players.
  • You can specify the price in money, stars or crystals.
  • The amount of goods you can put on sale depends on the upgrade level of your booth.
  • If you relocate to a town with a smaller shop, the level of your booth is downgraded to the highest one available at that location.
9. How do I become a mayor? How will I benefit from it?
  • A mayor can upgrade his or her town and define the amount of city taxes levied from it residents.
  • Any player can become a mayor. All you need to do is earn the most votes in a mayoral election.
  • Elections take place at regular intervals. To participate, visit the town hall and cast your vote for yourself or any other player.
  • The number of votes (influence) depends on your investment in the town and the amount of time you've spent there.
10. Who can create a town? What buildings are created by default?
  • A town can be created by any level 15 or higher player.
  • Each new town is created with a town hall, a crystal yard and a wholesale market for level one town orders.
11. How many professions can a player? What are the professions? What level do I have to reach to unlock them? Where can I learn a profession? Can I upgrade my professional skills?
  • You can have only one profession at a time -- a gardener, a flower grower or a mushroom grower.
  • Professions become available when a player reaches level 12.
  • Professions and seeds for growing plants can be purchased at the Academy.
  • Tools and soil for planting are sold at the farm.
  • Your professional level is shown on a separate experience bar. When you gain another professional level, you gain access to new seeds and additional soil for planting.
12. What do I need bricks and crystals for? How can I earn them?
  • Bricks and crystals are new types of currency introduced in the Dream Farm expansion pack (version 2.х).
  • Crystals are required for building multi-story buildings. Bricks help with the general development of a town.
  • You can obtain crystals in the Crystal Yard by wagering your super goods on a slot-style machine. You'll receive a varying number of crystals, depending on the results of your spin.
  • You can obtain bricks in the towns by completing town orders. Any number of players can take these orders, and the reward will be proportional to your input. The best player gets an additional package of super seeds.
13. What are super goods? How can I produce them? Where are they stored?
  • Sometimes, super goods grow in your field instead of regular ones. Access to such products begins when you reach level 8.
  • There are five varieties of each super product, as indicated by their color. They all have a different chance of appearing in your field and a unique market price.
  • Super goods can be exchanged for crystals in the Crystal Yard.
  • Super goods do not occupy space in the warehouse. Instead, they're stored in a separate area with unlimited capacity immediately after being harvested.
14. What are the branches, leaves and diamonds displayed next to players' avatars?
  • Leaves, stars and diamonds of different colors indicate the average level of the player.
  • Profession icons indicate the player's career.
  • The current mayor also carries the mayor's icon.
15. Why would I need to add players to my friends list? How do I get rid of people who nag me?
  • If you add a player to your friends list, you'll see whether or not he or she is online and will be able to send him or her private messages.
  • You can blacklist a player by clicking the corresponding button next to his or her screen name. When you do this, the messages this player sends you are not displayed.
  • Your blacklist is stored on your PC, so you'll have to create it again if you start playing on another computer.
  • You can remove a player from your blacklist by pressing the corresponding button next to his or her nickname in a chat.
16. Why is my town not developing? Which town should I move to? Why do relocation prices differ for each town? Will my farm remain intact if I move to another town?
  • You cannot develop the first town where you begin your adventure. You can choose any town you like and move there
  • You can visit any town to see its level of development and the professions available there. You cannot buy seeds and will rarely be able to take town orders in towns that don't offer your profession.
  • The price of relocating to another town depends on the town's level of development, the taxes the mayor of the town imposes and the level of your farm.
  • Your farm upgrades are preserved during relocation; however, your level of influence drops to zero. You can relocate again in a week.

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