February, 16 2010 Alawar released major Dream Farm update

We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of Dream Farm, our popular online business sim! The developers used feedback from players to decide which new features to add and enhancements to make. The result is an even more exciting game!

This massive expansion of Dream Farm introduces seven new production buildings and allows players to produce 27 kinds of main Goods and 60 Super Goods. The latter occasionally appear on the fields the player is tending and can be exchanged for Gems.

The developers have also added new careers. The player can choose to go into one of three professions in order to enhance an existing town or build a new one. Hundreds of players, communicating via a complete suite of chat features, can populate the towns, exchanging products, signing group contracts, developing the town and receiving bonuses for their work in the city.

Welcome to Dream Farm!

Welcome to Dream Farm, a casual sim for people who enjoy mixing business with pleasure

Build your own online farm! Dream Farm is a casual sim that allows players to do virtual business with other users around the world. You can actually have fun while improving your business savvy and learning how to become a successful entrepreneur!

That's not all. In Dream Farm, you earn golden stars for your achievements and then use them to purchase seeds, tools, upgrades and even land for building production facilities.

Dream Farm is constantly evolving and becoming more fun, so join this exciting online community today and watch the game -- and your virtual farm -- grow like corn stalks in July! Can you become the richest farmer in the world?

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